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SKU: K2050-1

**very limited quantity** Manufacturing error with our new design so we had a small shipment of the old design shipped to us. The center shaft is not colorless like the balloons so we stopped this run short. Still functional and hardly noticeable. Buy now or wait 5 weeks for the new versions.

Our F-2S double balloon nozzle is a fantastic way to retain your enema and virtually eliminate leakage. The Front balloon has a maximum inflation capacity of 500cc and the rear has 250cc. This nozzle features 3 openings at the tip. Two on the side and one at the very tip. This nozzle is made of medical grade silicone and is made right here in the United States. Each balloon can be independently inflated with an air inflator.

Total overall length is 16 1/2". Actual useable length when inserted is 4 1/2". The maximum width of the front balloon is 3" and the rear balloon is 2". Insertable width is close to 1 1/4" and lubricant is almost always required. Only use petroleum or water based lubricants on silicone products.

The opening on the end where the hose attaches measure 5/16" inside diameter and requires the use of a connector to attach to a hose. Our #1 connector in either black or clear is designed to work with the hoses sold on our site.

Please click on our diagram to the left on how to attach the air inflator pumps, connector and hose. Don't leave the hose connector in when not in use as it will stretch the silicone over time and loosen its grip.

Only 2-4 pumps of air are needed for the bigger balloon and 3-5 pumps of air for the smaller balloon for proper use. If this is the first time using a double balloon nozzle start with only 1 or 2 pumps for the larger balloon and 2-3 for the smaller balloon. We only recommend using enough pumps to create a good seal as every person is different and some may need 1 or 2 more pumps than someone else.

This is a medical device that is not meant to be left in the body longer than you are retaining your enema. Only inflate after insertion and always deflate before removal. If you have any other questions or concerns please contact a medical professional.

This item is made of medical grade silicone and you should not use silicone based lubricants. Doing so will break down the silicone sealant and will render this nozzle useless. This item should be cleaned before and after each use. This item was originally designed for medical use and is not designed to last forever. Typical lifespan is 1 year.

Do not boil this nozzle as it will also break down the sealant that bonds the silicone pieces together. Do not use water over 150 °F. We recommend castile soap and warm-hot water or another soap that is free from dyes and or essential oils.

You can also use a light bleach solution to sterilize this nozzle but it is not recommended. If you do so we only recommend 1 parts bleach to 10 parts water. Make sure you wash the nozzle completely before soaking in the bleach solution. You will only need to soak this nozzle for a few minutes then you will need to wash the nozzle again with soap and water then let air dry. If you soak this nozzle in the bleach solution for an extended amount of time it will take a long time for the bleach smell to go away.

Store this nozzle in a clear plastic bag if possible and don't have it touching any rubber that is black or red for example as it will change the color of the silicone over time.


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