Beware of Knockoffs!








Klystra has been manufacturing enema equipment for over 25 years now. We are here only because of you and will continue to introduce new and interesting products for everyone for many more years to come.

The people selling knockoffs are trying to fool you into thinking that they are our products. They do not care about the enema community at all. The company manufacturing the copies of our products is a big company that only cares about money and not your health.

They've taken pictures to try to imitate our own. They've copied our verbiage for the description and even our advertising ads. If you are buying from a company using the pictures above be warned. Their products are inferior and have many defects. This company used to sell our equipment but after their bad business practices towards others were known we stopped doing business with them.

If you see items that look similar to ours and or below our recommended retail prices be warned as you will most likely be buying a knock off of one of our products.

Thanks to everyone who has called or e-mailed about these inferior fakes.



 How to tell the product you are buying is made by Klystra

  • Our logo or company name is on 95% of our products.

  • We have a shell logo on the front of our open top bags and KLYSTRA on every one of our bags.

  • Our balloon nozzles are made in the USA and state so on the product. They are made from medical grade silicone.

  • Our silicone is of high quality unlike the cheap Chinese made version which has no optical clarity.

  • Our tips sets have no sharp edges and our company name is on the case

  • Our resellers prices are not more than a dollar or so lower than our advertised prices on this site.

How to spot fakes

  • No logo at all on the enema bag or on the tip sets.

  • Balloon nozzle is priced well below our $145 retail price. Not medical grade and looks dirty in person. Sealant looks brownish. ($89.95 on some sites and lower on others)

  • Rubber and Silicone sets are heavily discounted. (Although they have raised their prices to around $96 on some sites)

  • Tip sets nozzles have sharp edges and are poorly made.

  • If buying on Amazon the seller ENEMAS, HEALTHY AND ACTIVE, XR, LLC are all selling copies of our products. They used to sell our products but they have not for a few years now.

  • If buying our rectal dilators they come in a box that is pictured on our site and not in plastic packaging like the copies.